Welcome to my blog! This is mainly the story of my son, Brayton Cade Moak. His life is a testimony to me, and many others. I hope this blog encourages those of you who are going through difficult times, who have sick kids, who are lacking faith, and who need a reason to believe in miracles. I never thought that I would see a miracle, much less give birth to one. My son, my precious angel, is my miracle. His story, as well as his father's and my story, will hopefully fill your spirit with love! God is good!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still Breathing...

Life. Living. I think we take it all for granted.

Since becoming trach free, we have been LIVING! We had a "trach out" party for Brayton complete with a Mickey theme, a slide, a jumper, lots of food, cake, and icecream! Brayton played until he couldn't play anymore! He ate 2 cupcakes, drank 5 Capri suns, and even drank half a can of Mt. Dew! He was surrounded by about 160+ friends and family! That was a good day!!!

We are still celebrating! As I type this, Brayton is playing in the SAND in the backyard as I sit on a towel and watch. Sand was one of the things we stayed away from for the 2 years he had a trach because sand getting in the trach would be disasterous! Now he get sand everywhere and I can sit back and enjoy! The best moment of the day was watching his shoe accidentally come off and seeing his face as his toes hit the sand! (He didn't have on socks) Normally, he would ask for his shoe to be put back on. He just looked at me and I told him to take the other one off. He did and I took mine off too and we made prints in the sand!  An hour later, he is still barefooted outside! 

Living. Life. Living life. It is too short not to enjoy every little moment! 

Praise God for healing and for the ability to truly live life!

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