Welcome to my blog! This is mainly the story of my son, Brayton Cade Moak. His life is a testimony to me, and many others. I hope this blog encourages those of you who are going through difficult times, who have sick kids, who are lacking faith, and who need a reason to believe in miracles. I never thought that I would see a miracle, much less give birth to one. My son, my precious angel, is my miracle. His story, as well as his father's and my story, will hopefully fill your spirit with love! God is good!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My 2nd Mother's Day...

As Mother's Day approaches, I have been thinking about how blessed I am to be a Mom. And not just any mom, a TRACH mom! When this all first happened, I never would have considered being a trach mom as a blessing. However, I have grown so much because of my little miracle! I have learned to put someone else's life ahead of my own. I have learned to fight and stand firm. I have learned patience (still working on this one). I have learned that there is a bigger picture. I have learned to smile through every circumstance (this, Brayton taught me)! I have grown wiser. God has shown Himself to me full force through my smiling angel. God knew what He was doing when He sent Brayton to me. And it has been the greatest adventure ever!

I have also gained a new respect for my mother! She has been my rock, my friend, my counselor and so much more! Words can't describe how much this amazing woman means to me!

My mother in law has been amazing! She keeps Brayton instead of traveling with her husband so that I can work and is always there when I need her!

I am blessed with two wonderful motherly examples! Having Brayton has made me respect each if them so much more! I would not have made it this far without them!

As we continue our journey, I am blessed, loved, and taken care of! And most importantly, Brayton is blessed, loved, and cared for!

Happy Mother's Day to ALL! 

God, continue to heal Brayton's airway perfectly and completely!!!

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