Welcome to my blog! This is mainly the story of my son, Brayton Cade Moak. His life is a testimony to me, and many others. I hope this blog encourages those of you who are going through difficult times, who have sick kids, who are lacking faith, and who need a reason to believe in miracles. I never thought that I would see a miracle, much less give birth to one. My son, my precious angel, is my miracle. His story, as well as his father's and my story, will hopefully fill your spirit with love! God is good!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Major Surgery Quickly Approaches....

I have been reading my past blogs and crying. Who would have thought that my own words and past experiences would calm me down so much from the anxiety I have been feeling! Starting yesterday, I started to feel really anxious. Not just nervous before a big game or singing in front of church, but REAL anxiety. Luckily for me, I am pretty good at appearing strong when I am not. Today, I started reading through my old blogs. My own words reminded me, "God was there. He was, He is, and always will be!" Praise God! Why should I be anxious when my God is here? He has gotten me through so much already. Why should I doubt Him now? The answers are simple: There are NO reasons to be anxious or doubtful. God is already there. He is past, present and future. I have nothing to fear!

As I continued reading old posts, a sense of strength came over me. If I can get through the past 2 years, I can make it through this too! My God will not forsake me! 

The Lord replied, "I will personally go with you, and I will give you rest - everything will be fine for you." Exodus 33:14 (NLT)

God, please continue to heal Brayton's airway perfectly and completely!

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