Welcome to my blog! This is mainly the story of my son, Brayton Cade Moak. His life is a testimony to me, and many others. I hope this blog encourages those of you who are going through difficult times, who have sick kids, who are lacking faith, and who need a reason to believe in miracles. I never thought that I would see a miracle, much less give birth to one. My son, my precious angel, is my miracle. His story, as well as his father's and my story, will hopefully fill your spirit with love! God is good!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update from Cincinnati...

We have been in Ohio for almost 2 weeks and it is safe to say that we are all ready to be HOME! Brayton is going nonstop and I am thankful for a lake with a playground that is 4 miles away from the hotel! Brayton loves to slide! This week we have been trying to keep him entertained with the aquarium, chuck e cheese's, and the park! Today, he and I will attend our first MLB game! :) We went to get Reds shirts the other day and he found a cap he liked. He put on a show (smiling and carrying on) and the manager came, took the tags off and said, "the hat is on me." Sweet lady! So he will be sporting his Reds shirt and cap later today! Tune in to Facebook for pics!

Brayton has been doing great this past week. Surgery was less than two weeks ago and other than scars, you wouldn't even know it! He has been bouncing off the walls! He still has stitches under his trach from the stent removal on Monday. But those aren't slowing him down any! 

Swallowing is still a challenge. He is doing awesome with foods, but thin liquids are not his friend! Several people have asked why so here is an explanation: thin liquids travel fast when swallowed. Because he has never had to control his swallowing and he has never had an opening to protect (it was 95% closed off), it is taking a while to learn to close off his airway when he swallows. With thicker foods, his reflexes have time to close the epiglottis, the flap that closes off the airway, because they move slower. The best way to put it is that it is like a muscle that is weak and needs exercise. So we are thickening liquids with a gel so he can get stronger at swallowing. Food coloring in his liquids helps us see how much is coming into his airway because it comes out of his trach. Right now, Brayton is slowly improving and less and less blue is coming out! I will slowly thin down his liquids as he gets better at protecting his airway.

Please feel free to ask me questions if you do not understand something. I try my best to explain, but I know it is hard to follow sometimes!

Bray will have another scope surgery this Monday! Hopefully, we will have a better plan as to what we will need to do next! Keep praying for swallowing to improve, and for complete healing. God has been good to us these past few weeks and we give Him praise!

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